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Advantages Of Steel Structure Construction Over Conventional Construction

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In numerous commercial applications, steel buildings pre-engineered metal provides huge cost savings across the board. Implementing these structures in new construction processes and retrofit projects means that the developers and property owners have realized the value of cost reductions from the planning and permit phase through construction and completion of the project. Many experienced project managers have found that steel structure construction schedules can be shortened, which subsequently translates to the reductions in contractor's overhead and any downtime that might affect the tenant of the new or retrofit building.

steel structure construction

There are various other things that can be substantial in terms of project management for compiling bids and submit the items for pricing, such as the typical pre-construction costs, as they are associated with conventional buildings. There are certain activities like the wood famed construction systems that demand extensive hours. Regardless of the fact that the concrete block structures reduce the typical pre-construction time substantially, the cost of materials and coordination of period inspections requires project management, which is all but eliminated with steel structure construction.

In addition to that, there are numerous trades involved with conventional wood and concrete block construction that need project management in order to finalize the contracts for each of the sub-contractors working in the construction. Such project management costs are all but eliminated with the construction of the steel buildings, since the fabrication of the steel combines the services of roofing, framing along with window and door installations within the scope of work. With a reduction in the project management, the completion of contracts and approval of construction plans initiates the on-site activities.

You will see that in a commercial project, the construction plans start with a design that is specifically made to suit the intended use of the building. You will also get to know that a service building or storage facility requires approved plans with mechanical and structural engineering in order to obtain the permits, even if they are the most straightforward structures. So, you can imagine what would happen in the conventional systems, as in those systems, the price of architectural fees and mechanical engineering can be extremely costly.

steel structure construction

However, fabricators of steel buildings provide numerous pre-approved designs that need no involvement architectural or building department plan check. Moreover, the plans, check and permits for pre-engineered building projects are usually confined to the concrete foundation of the structure and the mechanical trades. The construction process has been a lot easier with the inception of steel structure construction, but it is important to take the help of the right contractor.