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Building your Stainless Steel Warehouse in the UK

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Any warehouse construction project in the UK is always a big undertaking. Whether you’re constructing a new one or fitting an exiting one, it’s important to pay due attention to details so that your project is done on time and within budget. 

Planning your own prefabricated stainless steel warehouse is without any doubt the most critical stage for your company’s growing storage needs. These days, warehouse designs are highly advanced, thereby creating options that were not available to companies in the past. Pre-engineered steel building manufactures can provide features that make planning as well as construction a simple painless process with several sample plans and drawings for your proposed storage space and needs. 

There are few major set of factors that will ultimately influence the overall design and construction of your stainless steel warehouse building. Some of these include in-depth research regarding the ultimate purpose of your warehouse, finding a convenient location and then discussing with seasoned experts the best way to design and construct your project. 

So, How Much Does it Cost to Build a Stainless Steel Warehouse?

Well, the cost depends upon the contractor but most economical building packages start at prices as low as 8 GBP per square foot or more. It all depends on the quality of stainless steel warehouse you want.

Where will your building be located?

A few important factors to consider before actually constructing your steel warehouse building are:

* Building Dimensions – Decide on the dimensions of your stainless steel building and indicate all thins such as where you want windows and doors and what color roof and walls, and trim you want as well as the height of your building. This is important when constructing your building, as doors should be of right size for large sized machinery and products and their dimensions will ultimately determine what can actually fit inside your stainless steel warehouse. 

* Building Code – Make sure you’re aware of local code information. This can be easily done by enquiring from your local building department in UK and telling them the kind of metal building you want at a particular location. It’s up to you, as a owner, to give exact code information to your building supplier. It’s also a great idea to look into setbacks and other vital code information that may restrict the use of metal building or any other building on a given lot. 

When considering height of your steel building, there are two major aspects to consider:

• Interior clearance
• Overall height measured on the outside

Roof -Shape & Pitch

The dimensions of the roof of your stainless steel warehouse are extremely important when constructing your metal warehouse building. Check both the pitch and shape of the roof as rigid frame steel buildings can come with different types of roofing options and you may want to make sure you ultimately get the roof that’s best suited for your warehouse needs. 

“gable” or “peaked” roofs have a more traditional roof, with the structure roof running down equally to both sides. 

"Single slope" roof construction starts with one side of the warehouse wall higher than the other and the roof simply slants from the higher wall to the lower.

When it comes to the roof of your stainless steel warehouse, it’s usually expressed in ration. For instance-1:10 is the flattest possible roof, rising about 1” for every 10” width. On the other hand, 4:12 are the steepest pitch roofs for stainless steel warehouse. Enhanced pitch gives much more interior clearance that’s great for the house. It also boosts the building’s ability to shed snow and rainwater and improves the overall appearance of the building. 

The overall height of the stainless steel warehouse building is mostly regulated by the zoning laws, but clearance height will definitely have a big impact on you design decision. At the low end, 9-10 ft clearance offers plenty of applications. Heights up to 32 ft can easily accommodate extensive shelving options, tractor trailers and heavy construction vehicles. 

Once the overall design of your stainless steel warehouse has been established, there are few more things that you need to consider before actual building begins, and they are……….. 

Once the basic design is complete, and you have paid the required deposit, an engineer will create the blueprint and specifications of your building. This blueprint will clearly specify all about the materials that will be used and what loads the building can withstand to meet all local building codes. 

Fabrication and Delivery
Once the blueprints of warehouse are signed off on, the real construction work begins. The posts, beams, side and roof panels, girders and fasteners that will hold the steel building together are produced in the factor and are then shipped to the construction site. The parts of the building will be pre-cut to the exact blueprint dimensions, pre-drilled and will come ready to be bolted together. This vital step will take 4-8 weeks so factor in this time when thinking about the completion of the overall construction process


While the building component are being manufactured, your building site will be readied. Often stainless steel warehouse needs solid foundations, which are usually poured concrete. 

Things to consider:

* As steel prices are increasing due to many factors, this component can be controlled by keeping your design that’s 3-5 pounds or less per square foot. 
* Try to create a white roof. Your contractor can use white thermoplastic polyolefin roofing that may cost same as black ethylene propylene diene monomer roofing. White surface can easily reflect sun rays and will keep your building cooler.
* Choose fluorescent lights as they are cooler and save tons of money on electricity bills. You can install motion sensors that can turn on the light on sensing movement in the area. You can also consider the option of skylights.
* In a non-air conditioned stainless steel warehouse, you can add low-volume/low-speed fans for increasing air circulation and improving worker comfort.

It’s Finally Time To Build!

Once the components of the building arrive, and foundation is ready, the actual construction can begin. This you can do yourself or you can hire a reputable erector to put up your building. Addition of interior walls, insulation, exterior finishes, steps, doors and windows, plumbing will turn your metal box into an amazing building you can appreciate.

Like any other construction project, your stainless steel warehouse building needs to be approved by a building inspector once it’s completed.