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Container Houses And Prefab Houses

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Container Houses And Prefab Houses

What kind of house that makes you feel the most comfortable? What kind of house warmin winter and cool in summer? What kind of house can be portable? What kind of house you can move freely? What kind of house to install quickly? What kind of house cheap but high quality? What kind of house long life? What kind of house can be recycled?

Container houses and prefab houses can help you solve these problems. Exported container houses are limited in specification.The 20ft container house is 5.8m long,2.3m wide,2.8m high. The 40ft container house is 11.8m long,2.3m wide,2.8m high. Standard container houses is the samesize as shipping containers because they can make full use of the limited spaceinside. Container houses include single container house, multi-span container house, multi-story container house and so on.

Prefab houses include quick installation houses and folding houses. Quick installation houses can bedivided into single slope, double slope, etc. Quick installation houses are divided into whether they are with bases. They are also spliced into a largespace inside. Quick installation houses look nice and their structure is stable and reliable, easily removable, easy to transport, convenient to move more easily.

Folding houses allow easy transportation, reduce transportation costs and assemble simply.The composition is broken down into a central unit, a left and a right unitelement, Omitted and a center wall to wall unit and the right and left centerof the cell unit and between the units. Folding houses are reasonable and simplestructure; easy to design, manufacture and install; easy to use, wide range ofapplications; modeling variable, beautify the environment; collection ofconvenient, space-saving. Folding houses can be used as a family bathroom,downtown kiosks, living room, office room, underground miners rest rooms,scenic tourist temporary shelter, housing and other purposes.