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Embracing the Use of Automatic Chicken Farm for Faster Produce and Minimal Work

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When it comes to putting up various businesses, chicken farming is the fore front for individuals living in the countryside. This is largely because as a fact it is much easier and cheaper to put it up and thus get to enjoy the fruits of ones labor within a short period of time. As expected however many people are moving from the more traditional farms to a fully automatic chicken farm. This is in terms of egg collection, chicken production and the likes and thus one gets to see faster results without having to run up and down to complete one task before moving to the other and thus facilitate bulk production of products of chicken eggs and hatching. However what exactly is an automatic chicken farm.
automatic chicken farm

What an automatic chicken farm entails

An automatic chicken farm aids in the collection of eggs and the hatching of eggs without necessarily having to switch off or move about as it were in other areas. In itself, the automatic chicken farm is a special building that unlike the traditional set up of chicken farms, works with minimal interference from humans. The whole set up involves a platform in which acts as the main housing base of the chicken. The platform has a opening, that acts as a trap door and is activated by the pressure plate near the hopper. The farm is ideally a building that is made of a mixture of both transparent and opaque wall fixtures that is tall enough to ensure that young hatchlings are unable to climb over. Beneath is a cheat that is thus used for collection of laid eggs. The whole set up uses water currents to help in the collection process as they are tunneled through the trap door enabling a farmer keep hundreds of chickens in an automatic chicken farm at ago.

How to go about setting one up

Certain machinery is needed when setting up the automatic chicken farm the machinery needed include droppers, dispenser, chest, switches, stones, irons, cobblestones, wood, slab and opaque blocks. For first time builders, one will find that it is much easier to build from top to bottom. Before fixing anything in place, one should make a test run and ensure that the chest is in the smack middle of the construction. The main Hatcher has two droppers facing up and a dispensing face on top of them that are fed by the hoppers and controlled by the 3 clock. One major set up is that of the despawns , a downward dropper facing pressure plate and ensure that it is on target; that is items collected are on point. After successful set up of the despawns, one needs to continue with the set up of the central pillar. This is done by setting up two blocks over it, another block is used at the top as a block, these is what is extended to either side to make the walling of the automatic chicken farm. One should ensure that the dispenser is completely separated from the collection hopper to allow for dispenser variable aim. To avoid escapees it’s best to use non transparent block to add to the minimum transparent roof system. After the completion of the main construction of the chicken farm, add the four buckets of water at each end thus water can run to the central pillar. After this the automatic farm is fully functional and thus either disabled by the timer or the temporary slab just above the hopper.

Results of setting up an automatic chicken farm

One of the major benefits of actually setting up an automatic chicken fan is that it aids in cutting a farmers labor drastically enabling one do the bare minimum. As the collection of eggs is done automatically, a farmer can ideally leave everything running for a certain period of time and thus let the first bottom dropper then the bottom hoppers, the chest and finally intake hoppers be filled. This gives one an average of 52 stacks on average at a time translating to hundreds of hatchlings at a time. The only shortcoming with the automatic chicken farm, is that if the hatcher is left running for long  one risks a lag that leads to a lag that can only be fixed with switching the farm off  in order to skip one generation all together.


automatic chicken farm