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How to create a good living environment in chicken farm

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For farmers, raising animals is his all, take chicken, chicken raising good. Farmers pockets of money more, such ingenious cycle depends entirely on chicken living environment. If the living environment is good, good mood of chicken, growth is better, then to production is not to say. How to create a good living environment? Heavy steel plate net into the chicken farm. Steel house frames has the advantages of beautiful appearance, the use of long life, construction convenient, save the space of the excellent performance.In order to reduce the investment houses, sheds should increase the number. Reduce the shed ammonia odor and moisture, reduce the incidence of hen, steel sheds will easy to clean. Reduced the labor intensity of farmers, it improves the hen's egg production. Do not pollute the environment, the chicken manure treatment is more simple, can be a good collection and utilization. Flying metal wire mesh tells us, steel shed went into the chicken farm just a wise choice. Chicken to create a good living environment, on this way they can become rich.


chicken farm


Building chicken farm are certain stress, sheds should be built flat stocking of the central zone, building materials can be adapted to local conditions, local materials, wood, bamboo, plastic, oil, blankets, canvas, straw and other. A southern and Northern Dynasties simple houses, build a pyramid or shed shape as well, open the door of the south, coop edge height of 1.5 - 2 m, homes high top 2 - 2.5 meters, ground leveling, compaction, paving material. Coop, raintight, wind insulation requirements, without water. The henhouse per square meters can accommodate about 8 to 10 chickens.