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The Installation of steel structure building process can be divided into five parts:

1.make foundation
(1)making the anchor cage according to the drawings. IMG_5402
(2)making the foundation according to foundation drawing IMG_5402

2.install the main structure
(1)install the steel columns according to the layout chart. IMG_5402
(2)do the whole assembly of steel beam according to the installation structure layout IMG_5402 installation6

3. install purlin , knee brace, brace and pole

(1)install the purlin according to the roof purlin layout.

(2)install the knee braces according to the roof structural layout the connecting node of knee brace.

(3)install the brace and pole according to the roof structural layout.

(4)install the wall bracing according to the preceding purlin arrangement.


4. install roof, wall panels and accessories

(1)install the roof panel

(2) install the ridge tile

(3) install the wall panels

(4)Install the cornice accessories

5.install doors and windows
(1)install windows IMG_5402
(2)install the roll-up door IMG_5402

This the installation of the whole building is completed , the overall appearance is as the following diagram IMG_5402