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New materials of chicken farm house

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A comparison with the old house and new sheds construction materials

1. New energy-saving henhouse building materials of glass steel reinforcement, with fireproof, waterproof, anti acid and alkali, corrosion resistance, light quality insulation characteristics. The performance of heat preservation brick wall , winter reduce heating costs, by original every chicken farm house of a feeding period to 12 tons of coal burning, reduced to 9 tons. In summer to reduce the thermal radiation, conducive to prevent heatstroke.

2. Short construction period

The old chicken farm house is a brick structure, long construction period, large investment.The construction of new chicken farm house houses only 7-10 days, greatly shorten the construction period, and significantly reduce the construction investment.

3. Improve the environmental conditions of chicken farm house

The new house with columns for the vertical support increase the house space, can greatly improve the chicken coop ventilation, environmental conditions.

4. It's conducive to epidemic prevention

New sheds the material, smooth surface, for easy cleaning and disinfection, and chicken feces removed in a timely manner, very conducive to disease prevention and control in sheds and epidemic prevention and the chickens.

chicken farm house


Comparison of two new and old houses

1. heating stove

Old houses with brick furnace heating, not only the high cost of coal-fired heating and feeding personnel prone to carbon monoxide poisoning. New sheds can save coal by up to 25%; the steel chicken farm temperature equilibrium, easy to control chickens uniformity.

2. automatic water supply line

Using the closed nipple drinking water system, the prevention and treatment of water supply and water supply, reduce the occurrence of diseases, but also greatly reduce the amount of feeding staff.

3. ventilation equipment

4. sewage facilities

5. cooling equipment


chicken farm house