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Principles of a Great Exhibition Room Design

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An exhibition room is a great place for direct marketing. In fact, face to face marketing comes with a lot of its own benefits. This is one of the reasons why most companies make great effort to attend trade shows and exhibitions. An exhibition room is a great place where several other B2B partners and visitors are highly engaged in a business networking environment to buy and sell various products and services. To exhibit your brand or service, you need to have a good exhibition room design to attract more potential customers. When designing an exhibition display, it is a good thing to keep all basic principles of graphic design in mind. Effective event marketing, which uses the basic rules of trade show room design, can hugely help elevate individual business or companies over their competition. To have eye-catching exhibition room design, there are some things that you need to put into proper consideration. They include:

1. Balance

Balance is basically an equal distribution of weight and when it comes to design field, it is known to be visual weight. Of course, you may have seen exhibition rooms or pieces of art, which feel imbalanced – furniture on just one side of the room/canvas, or too much information on certain items and almost none on others. All these can make the viewer feel completely uncomfortable with your exhibitions. With exhibitions booths, it is important to approach your room design in the same way – the shape, size, and color of marketing signage and materials in your trade show room are main factors that affect the visual weight of your exhibition. It would not make sense to have contact sheets, flat flyers, and business cards stack on one end of your exhibition and taller and more physical product/service representations on the other end. Instead, consider having balanced and even feel by interspersing your displays to create a great exhibition room design.

2. Emphasis

Emphasis, especially when setting up a great exhibition room design involves importance provided to certain areas of areas of trade show display. A room or display designer should stress some of the visual elements of a certain art or piece, attracting visitors to the areas of importance. Placement, isolation and contrast are needed to achieve this. Emphasis through isolation in trade show marketing, for instance, is achieved by simply setting one element or piece of your exhibition booth away from the rest. Since unique giveaway ideas can be easily set apart from the rest of your exhibitions might therefore achieve this. In addition, if a certain booth element contrasts with the rest of the display, it can be emphasized as well. For instance, if the colors of your company are yellow and blue and the majority of your exhibitions are in yellow tones, have a stunning blue piece to attract attention of the viewers. When it comes to placement, emphasis is achieved when a single object is arranged in such a way that other pieces of art in the composition directly point to it. So, consider lining-up smaller items on your exhibition room pointing toward bigger, more central products or signs. 

3. Unity

It is also a good thing to have an exhibition room design that is united with a single common theme. In this case, unity implies that every element of the trade show room look as though they are the same or belong together. The best way of achieving this is through similar brand consistency and color choices. Your pieces of trade event marketing should reflect the actual color scheme of the company. It is therefore vital to ensure that the overall feel of your entire exhibit matches the overall branding on the promotional products or services. It is worthy leaving show attendees or visitors with a solid and consistent image of your company. 

In a nutshell, there are some great benefits that come from hiring the services professional exhibition room or stand designer. They are experienced in designing the best custom exhibition booths for every brand. But, if you can do it yourself, you can cut more costs by being creative and renting some furniture as well as bringing your own backdrops, lights and other necessary displays to create an impressive exhibition room at a lower cost. Lastly, a standard exhibition booth should comprise a draped table, a few chairs, and a trash bin.

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