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Produce process


It is digital control cutting machine.It helps us to cut the steel plate to pieces.

The standard is length and width error of the cutting plates are no more than 3mm.Section gap depth is not greater than 1.5mm.


It is the H beam assembling machine. According to the technical drawing, we use this machine to do the H beam assembling.The ferric oxide on the web will be removed before assembly.Web must be in the center of the flange, the error must be within 2mm.


This step is H beam welding. The machine is called automatic Arc-Submerging welder. In the welding process, the worker will prevent the air hole,and the welding area will be enough, otherwise the H beam will not strong enough.


It is the H beam reclamation machine. All parts because of welding deformation will be corrected here.This step we should Prevent over correction.


Here the workers do the small parts assembling. According the drawing, all parts will be assembled to the right place. in accordance with the drawings, workers connect all small parts, such as purlin plate, Tie bar plate and son on to h-beam. Tag first, and then joining together, do welding.


This is the step of components welding. We use carbon dioxide gas arc welding.the worker will prevent the air hole, and the welding area will be enough, otherwise the H beam will not strong enough.


This is the shot blasting machine. It help us to makes the H beam much smoother.


Here the works are painting. Painting is the last step of a H Beam, then the H beam is done. Note: the component can not have oil and the connection plate do not need spray paint.