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Service Steel Warehouse Houston

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Service steel warehouse happens to be a full-service and well established independent provider of quality structural steel products. It has its offices located at Houston, where its plant is also located. This firm caters for both domestic as well as international clients from all across the world. As would be expected for an establishment of this kind, this company boasts of a wide and highly diversified inventory of steel products that are designed to fully meet the individual needs of all its customers. These products are crafted from the highest quality carbon steel, which are sold with unique and advantageous value added services for both their domestic and foreign clients. Be they meant for large construction projects and even smaller ones. 

Like just stated these steel products come in a wide variety of categories. From structural steel shapes to bars, flat rolled and even tubing and steel piping. Should you be on the lookout for structural steel shapes, you can be in an excellent position to access a huge number of these products. This includes standard I-beams, channels, split tees, wide flange beams and even bar channels. As for steel bars, service steel warehouse offers rounds, rebars, squares, angles and many more others. When it comes to flat rolled steel materials you can effortlessly access coils, floor plates, mill plates and even steel sheets. Finally, for expanded metals and floor gratings this company provides steel bars grafting and also expanded metal grafting. All of these steel products can be tailor made to meet virtually any kind of construction inventory requirements.

Service steel warehouse also specializes in offering specialty grade and hard to access sizes of these products for both their domestic and international clients. These steel products can hence be considered to seamlessly fit any type of structural specifications. This company goes out of its way to utilize innovative methods in the production of these materials such as bending, burning, sawing and even heat transfer. Enabling them to fully meet the varied needs of their individual customers from all over the world. These steel products are delivered with an unmatched level of top quality customer service. This guarantees your total satisfaction with both the materials you eventually get and also the manner in which they are delivered to you. Like earlier mentioned, these steel products are designed to meet the specific needs of service steel warehouse clients from wherever they may be located in the globe. 

This large inventory of steel materials are also offered at extremely competitive prices, which will undoubtedly make a big impression on you. Without in any way compromising on the unmatched quality of the products you may wish to purchase from this one of a kind steel provider. It also put in place an efficient and cost effective material transportation system to make sure that your materials get to you, without any necessary delays. More importantly in the exact state they left the factory. Service steel warehouse has a railing connection with the Port of Houston , and it is strategically situated next to Houston ship channel close to the harbor. This enables it to ship its products effectively not just domestically, but also internationally.

It’s devotion to utmost client satisfaction is unmatched. Enabling it since its founding in 1965 to now become a market leader in a global scale in this industry. Which undoubtedly connotes that they have over the course of this considerably long period accrued extensive expertise and experience in fully meeting the demands of their wide clientele base. Not just in the US, but also far flung corners of the world. One of their most innovative services is the ninngenious next day shipping that is made available to most of the markets they operate in. This ensures that your construction projects can go on as scheduled with the least amount of delay of the steel materials you need. Further the Houston plant also offers diverse value added services to all their clients. This includes bending, sawing , tee splitting, shape cutting and burning, rolling and cambering, shearing, heat treating and chary V-notch impact testing. All of which are conducted at this warehouse.