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Steel Shed Plans Mandatory to Build Steel Sheds

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Steel sheds are similar to any other building project. First of all, they require sound steel shed plans. An accurate and detailed plan of what must be used where is of paramount importance. This is even more important in the case of a steel shed as it is built in a Bottom up fashion. Steel shed plans say that pouring concrete to form a slab is the first step. This is not something that a homeowner can do by himself. Hence, hiring a masonry contractor is essential, at least for this part. There are other steps that require precision and care. Though most steel shed construction projects avail for the services of professionals, they can be also be done on a DIY basis.

The following steps show the various steps to build a steel shed as per steel shed plans:

1.The ground where the shed is to be built must not have and tree roots and must be fairly smooth. Visqueen plastic is placed in several layers on the earth. The steel shed plans would ask for a contractor to maintain a line level to begin building. After pouring concrete, eight inch threaded rods are to be placed to mark the corners of the building. This is cheaper and more preferable drilling holes after the concrete has set. This is the first stage and it is essential to let the concrete dry before beginning the next stage.

2.The concrete is generally given a week to dry. Steel sheds generally come in prepackaged kits with all the required cladding and hardware included. One common point is that they may lack the necessary amount or quality of fasteners. It is necessary to use proper quality fasteners while following steel shed plans. Visiting the nearby hardware store would provide the necessary nuts, screws and bolts. Pre-drilled holes need narrower and longer bolts to fasten the necessary components together. During assembly, it is better to leave all screws a little loose till all the pieces are placed together.

3.The most important point is to use caulk roof seams while following steel shed plans. Steel shed kits use folded sheet hooking designs. The purpose is to prevent leaking during rain. Applying a bead of latex caulk run from the inside of a bend guarantees that there is no leakage.

4.The steel shed is ready and can be used for its designated purpose.

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