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Steel Structure Detail – The Pillar to Constructions

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The steel structure detail in the recent industry has become important and is one of the vital processes. It is an essential part in the construction of the present steel buildings. Today, the real estate industry cannot be imagined without proper building construction. The stability of the building is a must to tolerate natural disasters.

The process of detail drawings for steel erectors and steel fabricator is a must so that it completes the steel structure detail. A person producing this is referred to as the steel detailer. This is useful in the construction of buildings, non-building structures and industrial plant. These are used in various projects of steel-detailing such as industrial, commercial or municipal projects. However, steel structure detail is not much required in the residential projects.

The steel structure detailers work in association with architects, structural engineers and steel fabricators. This includes drawings of two types, erection and shop drawings.
Steel structural detail services include:
*Layouts of sheet metal
*Estimation of material, materials bill and tendon, felt calculations
*Working drawings for structures
*Detailing of post tension and joist
*Working drawings for structures
*Material list and grating layout
*Erection, fabrication and shop drawings, framing plans, field details and anchor bolts
*Connection between column to column, beam to column, beam to beam, column to beam, beam to slab and slab to beam.


Steel Structure Detail