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The ascendancy of the design of steel structures

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Steel is an environmentally friendly building material. The greenhouse emission from steel is lower than that of concrete and wood. There are regulations and laws that building materials must adhere to and steel is found to be an excellent material. A set of guidelines has been drafted by experts and this is expected to be followed by any design of steel structures.

design of steel structures

Metal and other forms of prefabricated buildings cost less than traditional buildings. It is expected that steel would the leader in terms of cost effectiveness for as much as 30 years. The prices of steel have increased but so have the prices of concrete, and therefore, steel is cheaper. Another factor to consider is that, unlike traditional buildings, these structures do not need skilled professionals. A well instructed and clear design of steel structures are the most important requirement.

As a result of its flexibility, steel can be modified as per one’s wish. This makes it more interesting for an architect. Non linear members can be created and this makes the structure more aesthetically pleasing. The best design of steel structures are one that brings out the simple elegance and the grace of the structure in an effortless manner.

Steel frames are stronger than other construction materials. A typical steel structural frame has 50 KSI as material. This means that the steel used has a yield stress of 50,000 pounds per sqr.inch. This figure is for both tensile stress as well as compression stress. The strength to weight ratio of steel is also very high. This means that it is possible to have very strong buildings with very low weight. Therefore, the foundation required is simple and less expensive. All the features of the structure need to be expressed in the design of steel structures.

Steel drafting service is a highly important task for architects, steel erectors, engineers and fabricators. The details and information that it communicates makes it the single most important document for fabricating and installing steel buildings.


design of steel structures