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The characteristic about light steel structure

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Light steel structure housing, although very good, but the cost is very expensive? Light steel structure housing is a green ecological villa, with bricks.Ccement construction is not the same type of products. Traditional architecture is like a picture tube TV, light steel structure housing is like a liquid crystal TV, although they can watch the image. Light steel structure housing cost: now the traditional brick and mortar construction cost is very low mainly because there is no billing on resources and the environment. If the resource consumption, environmental damage, construction waste and other factors considered in the construction of the building, the cost of the traditional building is very amazing. Light steel structure housing for the recycling of the green building, 90% of the building materials can be recycled, greatly reduce construction waste and carbon emissions, compared with the traditional housing of the comprehensive social benefit greatly, full cost price far below the traditional architecture.

light steel structure


Light steel structure is mainly used for light factory building, warehouse and other buildings is because of the relative to the previous concrete prestress truss structure, quick construction, low cost and relatively easy to implement larger span. Light steel structure is a kind of classification method, generally refers to per square meters with steel buildings in 40kg, greater than the index is generally considered heavy steel structure, steel structure generally used for multi-layer and heavy plant, for example, steel mills, shipyards, in civilian areas, widely used in Long-Span Public Buildings and high-rise buildings, Shanghai Lujiazui high-rise buildings are basically steel structure. Compared with steel structure, light steel structure villa or multi-storey residential can finish.

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light steel structure

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