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The steel sheds construction notes

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The steel sheds is by farmers who sought to shed, because the steel sheds design is relatively simple, relatively strong.

Steel Shed


The structure of the steel sheds:

Due to different structures can be divided into: single, double beam arch arch, arch beam plane triangle. The skeleton of a 12 diameter of 16 mm round or the diameter of a metal tube material. Single girder arch using 1 piece of round steel or steel pipe arch; double plane beam arch by winding, bottom and in the middle of the ventral rod connected steel frame structure; triangular arch by 3 root reinforcement and abdominal rod connected arch structure.

Construction notes:

The construction of steel sheds, attention should be paid to the greenhouse structural design is reasonable, to consider if the north and south to the extend. Shed without column, span size and other technical parameters.According to site conditions and production actual structural design of greenhouse. Must pay attention to the steel, welding in accordance with arch design drawings to welding mold. A shed all the steel framed according to the unified standard for welding. All web members require in the same position of the frame in order to wear the Cross Lacing.



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