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The step of steel structure design

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The first step is to determine whether the structure is suitable for steel structures.

Steel structures are usually used for high rise, large span, complex structure, load or crane lifting weight, a large vibration, the requirements of the structure can be active or frequently installed. Intuitive to say: building, stadium, opera, bridge, TV Tower, sculpture, warehouse, factory, residential, mountain building and temporary buildings, etc.. This is consistent with the characteristics of the steel structure itself.

Steel shed design

Structure selection and structural arrangement of second step structure for steel structure design.

Structure selection and layout is a qualitative analysis of the structure, because it involves a wide range, should be under the guidance of experienced engineers. Here is only a brief introduction. In the design of steel structure of the whole process should be stressed is the "concept design", it during the selection and arrangement of structure is especially important. For some it is difficult to make an accurate rational analysis or specification does not specify, according to the mechanical relationship between the whole structure of the system and system, the damage mechanism, damage, experimental phenomena and engineering experience, obtained from the design thought, from a global point of view to determine control structure arrangement and the detailed construction measures. In the early and quickly and effectively conception, compared and selection, income structure scheme tend to hand calculation, mechanical behavior of clear, qualitatively correct, and can avoid the structural analysis phase unnecessary tedious calculations. At the same time, it is also the main basis for judging the reliability of the output data of the computer internal force analysis.

Steel structure design of the third step prediction section

After the structural layout is finished, the section of the member should be estimated. It is assumed that the shape and size of the section of the beam column and support are assumed. According to the load and the bearing condition, the cross section height is usually between the 1/20~1/50 of the span. The complex calculation of the overall stability of the steel beam can be avoided when the flange width is determined according to the l/b value of the space of the lateral support of the beam. The section height and the width of the flange, the plate thickness according to the provisions of local tectonic stability prediction.

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Steel shed design

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